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About our Founder - Jan Batkin

Hello, I'm Jan Batkin.  I have over 26 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. I am a National Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I pride myself in helping women become "ageless." I believe that as we age, we need to perform the correct exercises for our bodies.  This way, we stay injury-free and build bone and muscle mass.  Exercise can be fun and exciting if taught the proper way. Allow me to inspire, motivate and empower you to be the best version of yourself at any age!




Lori Smith, Pilates Instructor

Hi there, I’m Lori Smith, wife, mother, and Pilates Fusion Instructor. With 31 years of experience teaching Group Fitness Classes including Mat-based Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Reebok Step, Total Body Workout and more.  I am unapologetically fitness obsessed. As a Certified Instructor, it is my passion and goal to empower YOU to stay healthy and fit. Not only is exercise the way to do just that, but it’s the best mood lifter I know of.  Join me for a Pilates Fusion Class and let me walk along side you on your fitness journey!

Summer Hardy, Zumba Fusion Instructor

My name is Summer Hardy.  I am a  Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Coach. My career in fitness began just over 7 years ago. I love to dance and started my fitness career teaching Zumba and added Aqua Aerobics, HIIT Training, BootCamp and more. I believe fitness should be fun and you should have a smile on your face while doing it.  I teach Zumba Fusion at JB  Fit Club…nervous to try it out?…don’t be! I promise to make it a fun, effective, positive experience. I have heard all the concerns you could imagine: “I have 2 left feet”, “I have no rhythm”, “my knees are bad”. I keep the choreography simple and there’s no jumping required. You will quickly memorize the routines and have no problem following along. Zumba is a blast and I can’t wait to party with you! 


Cassie Torres, Instructor

Hi I’m Cassie Torres. I’m a NASM Certified 
Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I came the realization that being in the fitness industry what I am suppose to do in my life, as I love helping and supporting others people. I have been on my own fitness journey for the past 20 years, I’ve been through all the ups and downs that my clients have been through. I didn’t come from a fitness or sports background but I truly want to help people see their potential to improve their quality of life with healthy habits! 


Andy Kitchen, Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Andy is a Photographer and Painter who lives in Long Beach. I’ve been teaching fitness classes and have been a part of the wellness community for 14 years. I am a certified Spinning Instructor and certified HIIT Instructor. I am working on 200-hour certification program to teach multiple levels Vinyasa Yoga. My motto "Keep moving! Never stop moving except when you meditate".

Lisa Guardi, Instructor

Hi! My name is Lisa Guardi.. Moving our bodies is not only great for the body, but necessary for mental fitness.  Exercise has been important to me in my life, from high school volleyball to aerobics, hiking, tennis, weight training and yoga.  Training with Jan, along with like-minded women, for the past two years has brought me great joy and improved health.  I look forward to subbing for Jan!  #StrongBodyStrongMind


Amanda Bernardino, Walking Guide 

I’m Amanda Bernardino. I’ve been taking fitness classes and walking a variety of paths consistently for the past 9 years. I enjoy being outside and finding new trails in our area to explore. 


While walking in the park one day last year, I met Jan as she was teaching a fitness class. I was thrilled to discover a group of women exercising together and supporting each other.    I found having a supportive group of friends encourages me to work harder.


Sheila Hostetler, Walking Guide

 I have been a fan of walking outdoors for as long as I can remember.  I love  to cycle and Spinning class which is how I met Jan B. who taught the class.  When COVID  struck and we were all at home, Jan started an exercise in the park program and the walking outings were an outgrowth.   What a great way to connect with new friends, talk and get outside. Find me on Tuesday and Friday on the trail of our beginning walking program.

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