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Deb T. 55 years old

I have known Jan little over a year and have trained with her in spinning and group fitness classes. Jan combines educating her clients, caring for them and ensuring they get what they need according to their abilities and capabilities. Always concerned for her clients health and safety, she genuinely wants to help others live a healthy and pain free life. Excellent personal trainer, fitness coach and cheerleader. Highly recommend she will not disappoint.

I have known Jan for ten years as she has taught the Spinning and Conditioning classes at my 24 hour fitness gym. As a fitness instructor Jan is genuinely motivating and creative, keeps the class both interesting and challenging.

Jan demonstrates her creativity in her fitness instruction during the Pandemic with park work-outs. It has been difficult to get motivated to exercise and keep moving during the Pandemic but the park workouts keep me going. I teach at a local community college and am online when teaching which means I am even more sedentary than usual and Jan's workouts have kept me moving. Jan continues to change her workouts which keep me challenged. She recognizes our fitness levels and is able to tailor those workouts to each one of us., Jan not only coaches fitness but she adds insight when it comes to what part of the body and what strength will benefit from that aspect of the exercise. I'd also say that she is quite the cheerleader so that whatever your fitness level is she's there to cheer you on!! And she's sensitive to your fitness level so that she won't push you if she sees that you are struggling. I recommend her fitness classes as well as her coaching as a personal trainer.

Sheila H. 69 years old

Coach Jan Batkin is amazing! I came to her after having a back fusion surgery from S1 to T 11. I showed her my x-ray and she treated with kindness and if she instructed the class to do and exercise and she did not think I should do it she would look at me and give me an alternative exercise to do. She was able to get me stronger and more flexible. I love her dearly personally and as a coach. 

Rosalyn P. 64 years old

Prior to meeting Jan, I was attending hardcore bootcamp sessions. These classes were of all ages, male and female, regardless of physical condition. After COVID forced the gym to shut down, the trainer started noon time Zoom classes. And then, I started going to Jan’s outdoor fitness classes in the Park. At first I thought it may be too easy, but noooooo. Jan does a nice warm up, some cardio, some strength, some individual concern work out and finishes with a nice stretch. There’s no reason I need to flip tires, bench press or exhaust myself into feeling nauseous. Jan’s class gets my whole body moving at a pace that is healthy and practical for someone my age. Jan does the whole work out with us, not just tell us what to do. She is very professional, intelligent, caring, helpful and willing to adjust her schedule to fit the times and locations of the fitness members. Go Jan!

Patti M. 63 years old

Nine years ago my knees were in such pain my doctor put me on a list for knee replacement. In the meantime, I joined an exercise class for seniors. Jan is an inspiration She makes exercise fun! And it makes us stronger.
By the time my name came up for a knee replacement I didn't need one! The pain was gone. I still have limited movement in lunges, but I never think of my knees as a problem. I just look forward to my next class with Jan in the park as well as my personal training sessions with her.

Karen C. 85 years young

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