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Fitness Programs


Yoga Basics is a 45-minute class designed to teach the basic postures of a gentle yoga flow. Learn how to inhale relaxation and exhale calmness at the start of each class.  We start with standing postures and move to the floor as we expand the movements and exercises.  Bring a yoga mat, towel and a bottle of water. This class was designed with you in mind to learn the basics while gaining better flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints. 


This is a workout designed for age 40+ who want to get in shape and feel great! This 55-minute class incorporates cardio moves, strength & core exercises, balance & flexibility, along with a cool down and stretch. All fitness levels are welcome. Bring a thick yoga mat, water, and 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells. Each class will be different, giving you a new total body workout each time.


This is a 45-minute class is designed to fuse or blend together Zumba Cardio Dance with stretch & relax. The first 35 minutes of class are cardio dance routines moves and  the last 10 minutes are designed to stretch & relax.  All levels of fitness from the beginner to advanced are welcomed to join this class. You must be able to get up and down from the floor safely to attend. Please bring your yoga mat to class.

Core Cardio Fusion   (L2)

This 60-minute class is designed to fuse cardio & step aerobic  moves with mat-based Pilates & core exercises. Modifications will be demonstrated for each exercise. Class starts with 30-minutes of Cardio using an aerobic step platform. The basic step movements will be taught such as v-step, u-turn along fitness and dance moves.  Followed by 20 minutes of core & abdominal exercises which can be standing and floor based. Followed with a cooldown and stretch. Bring a yoga mat and water.


This is a 45-minute class designed to stretch and relax your mind, body, and spirit. Soft music will be played in a dimly lit as you stretch your body. Bring a thick Yoga mat and stretch strap to each class. Neck pillow or rolled towels are recommended if you require neck or lower back support. Each class will start with deep breathing to prepare for the stretch and relax exercises. Must be able to get up and down from the floor. 


This 55-minute program is designed to teach women the basics of exercise through dynamic movements and dynamic stretching. This class starts with a warm-up, cardio moves, balance & core stabilization, strength training with dumbbells, flexibility, and mobility, followed by a cool down and relaxed ending. A chair will be provided for balance and stretching. Please bring a light set of dumbbells and a bottle of water.


 L1=Level 1 is a basic level (chairs are included in class) and the class pace is a slower pace


 L2=Level 2 is a advance level (no chairs and must be able to get up/down from the floor) pace is fast 


 L3=Level 3 is athletic level includes time planks, squat jumps, burpee’s, high end cardio minimal breaks 


 AL= All levels welcome must get up and down from floor 

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